Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Addicted

Well, it is official. I am addicted to GAMES- I have pictured a dart board because this is the game I have played the most on my hubby's new Wii. I got him a Wii for Christmas because we have talked about getting it for a while now. We had said we were going to wait until we got our taxes back but I wanted to surprise him. He is hard to surprise AND there are very few things in life he ever says he "wants" so................ YEAH for me! I surprised him. We have had so much fun playing!
For my birthday this summer I got a Nintendo DS. I love to play games. Matter of fact I drive everyone a little crazy wanting to play. The Nintendo DS helped me survive my 9 weeks in bed after surgery (my surgery was 2 days after my birthday)! This is a fun game - hubby knows I love penguins and sea turtles so he got this game. Speaking of sea turtles if you are ever in or around Ponce Inlet, Florida (right beside Daytona Beach) you should go see the sea turtles at the little hospital and rescue center there.

This is another game I received for Christmas- wonder if hubby was trying to tell me something? :)

This is the game my sister got for Christmas and I have played it a WHOLE lot. Matter of fact I got stumped on it and my 15 year old cousin had to help me out, tee hee! Thanks Garrett!

This little system is amazing! We have had so much fun. My little four year old neighbor taught my hubby and I how to play on Christmas night. I was amazed at how well he did in ALL the games (and how poorly we did)! He was very patient in teaching us how to use the Wii. We had a Wii party the night after Christmas and my family came to play. Last night my aunt, uncle and cousins stopped by and we all played. It was absolutely hysterical. I haven't mentioned that after playing Christmas night my husband and I both could not believe how sore we were- don't laugh- have you tried it?
I am now looking for Wii Fit for my husband's birthday Monday but can't find it. I knew I should have listened to my friend Michelle and bought it when I bought the Wii. Anyway, speaking of being sore- I hear that is quite a work out (and that is why we want it).
My hubby fussed for me spending so much money on him for Christmas - since we don't normally spend that much- but hey I knew we would BOTH really use this present! The other reason is we had also talked about getting it when we adopted the girls. It has been a sad time for us since that adoption feel through and I wanted him to have it anyway!
Anyone know where I can get a Wii Fit in the Cleveland or Chattanooga, Tennessee area? I have called ALL stores and can't find one. HELP!

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