Monday, June 30, 2008

X-Play Daycamp!

Just wanted you guys to know our church is hosting an exciting Day Camp called X-Play. It is two weeks this summer and the first week started today. We are offering a class for children to learn how to blog called Blogtastic! Check out their blogs they started today.........

I think they did a great job! Hope you think so too.

Where did June Go?

Well I can not believe tomorrow will be the first day of July. June has almost ended. Woosh! As June draws to an end that means Vacation Bible School has come and gone- what a fun week. I love the week of VBS because so many children accept Jesus that week- a week focused on children! What a life changing week for those who make that decision, those who get to counsel with them and the many different ways this week has on each child and all those who help!

Team Family is also an amazing time for us at my church! A time where families come together and have a lot of fun. So far we have been swimming, held Family Olympics at a local park, have been rollerskating, VBS Family Night and had a Talent and Game Show Night! Loads of fun!

Can't wait to see what all July holds!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Praise to Him

For some great music this summer - check out the following! It will allow you to sing your praises to the Father!

Have you praised Him in the spoken or written word, or by singing today? If not - take the time to do so right now!
I praise Him because He is worthy to be praised!
I praise Him because He first loved me!
I praise Him because He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
I praise Him because He is the One true God!
I praise Him because He cares for the big things and little things in my life!

What do you praise Him for?

Keep not making it to the Wordless Wednesday thing

Okay, Okay I keep forgetting to post a picture on Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday- so I am going to try and upload some pictures and get ready ahead of time! Next week!

The Ballfield

Well, last night I went to the local baseball/softball park to watch a baseball game. I was invited by a child in my Children's Ministry. He had given me a schedule but this was my LAST chance to see him play. So I headed to the ball park- found the right field because I could hear his dad (who is the coach and also works at the church with me). So I joined his mom and sister in the stands. As it turns out he is playing against a team that has 3 kids from church on their team. I knew quite of the players or families from them attending different church ministries or events (AWANA, VBS, X-PLAY, etc.).
I ended up seeing LOTS of kids, parents, grandparents, etc. from my church. It was a fun night. The game went long - it was a tournament game. The child who invited me did not end up the winner. It was a great game and was really decided in the last inning- isn't that the way it should be? It was a fun night.
I grew up playing fastpitch softball and played ALL summer. Most of my summer memories involve softball, softball families or friendships. It is part of what shaped who I am today. Last night I walked away very thankful. I am thankful for many things but was reminded last night that my parents gave me a gift. You see they knew that sports were an important part of my life- they went to many lengths for me to participate and sacrificed much for this participation. However, they knew it wasn't the most important thing that needed to be a part of my life. Jesus and my church commitment was always number one. If we traveled on Sunday and could not attend church- we had church and invited the rest of the team.
I realized last night (as I also did growing up) that not every parent realizes this- baseball or softball in the summer is number one. If there is going to be something that is missed- it will not be softball or baseball - it will be church. You know church the place where they learn more about the truths in God's word, where they learn the stories Jesus gave us to know how to live this life and they worship Him with others. Yes, I do realize that you can learn about Jesus anywhere but I do wonder what our not missing the ballgame for any reason and missing church for any reason says to a child? You tell me............
On a lighter note- the ballgame did bring back many memories and I did drive away with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye- I miss those ballpark friends and families from the past!