Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Shoebox went to India

I just received an email from Samaritan's Purse. It shared with me the box I paid online for in their "Follow My Box" program was shipped to India. How cool is that? I happen to know a friend living and working in India.
I will use "Follow My Box" program on all boxes next year. It was really simple- you go and pay your $7 per box online and it allows you to print a label to put on the box (it allows you to choose age and boy or girl). Then they send you an email to let you know where your box went! I can't wait to hear from people in our church to hear where all their boxes went.
Merry Christmas! I pray you have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with family and friends!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lottie Moon

Some of you are wondering what or who is Lottie Moon. Lottie was a missionary to China for 39 years. The Southern Baptist offering for foreign missions is named after her. She would write back to her friends, church and family for financial support to help further the cause of Christ where she served. You can read more about her at .

Each December as Southern Baptists we give to this special offering. 100% of this offering goes to help missionaries on the field and to projects current missionaries have going on.
Do you know that the International Mission Board has stopped sending missionaries this year? Yes, you heard me correctly. We have over 200 missionaries ready to go but there are not enough funds. I even know a couple who applied but were told they could apply in two more years - due to funding shortage. That is so sad to me.

I read an article two weeks ago that said other organizations are watching what we as Southern Baptists do to reach our goal for this year's offering. It even said that if members of SBC churches would give $7 more than they normally give (meaning over and above what you normally would give) that we would be able to put those 200+ people on the field. So what are we going to do? Many of us may have $7 laying around in change. I would like to challenge everyone who is a member of a Southern Baptist Church to give, give cheerfully and joyfully to this offering. You can give through your local church by marking your gift Lottie Moon (which the IMB and I encourage) or if that is not possible at this point in the year..... you can go online (sorry I can't remember how to do coding)

Here is a picture of Lottie Moon.
Mike and I have many friends who serve our Lord on foreign soil. Some who are sent through the IMB and many who must raise their own support. I know many of them have had a difficult year financially. When the US goes through financial hardship that impacts giving to them as well. Mike and I have a rule........... whatever is the most we spend on one person for Christmas we spend that much (and more if possible) giving to Lottie Moon. I encourage you to give to Lottie Moon and other missionaries this Season. Giving to help advance God's kingdom is eternally rewarding!

For those missionary friends who read this- THANK you for what you do and the sacrifices you make each and every day to follow God's calling on your life. We love you and pray for you!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nativity Sets

I am now the proud owner of a Nativity set I have wanted for a while. I have pieces of it but did not have this complete set. A co-worker found them at Wal-mart for $40. If you ever visit the Fisher Price website you would know this would cost over $80 on their website. So thanks to LA!
For those who have heard me speak about Christmas traditions you know I encourage you to have a Nativity set that is okay for children to touch. Often times we have special Nativity sets and children are told "Don't touch!". I believe this communicates the wrong message. I love hearing stories from parents about how their children play with their Nativity and tell the Christmas story. It is actually precious- you are laying a foundation at an early age.
I have several Nativity sets that children can touch and play with in my collection. Yes, I said collection. One of the things I collect is Nativities. I will attempt to take pictures of them and share them with you throughout December.
I also love Fisher Price's Little People toys. Many of my close friends know that among all the sad things about me not being able to have children and our adoption failing was Fisher Price Little People toys. Yes, my list is long of the things that are sad about not having children but I am striving to move on with life. One way I have done this is by proclaiming- Who says you have to have children to purchase Little People toys! So last year I began to add to my collection. I enjoy playing with those with children who visit my home. I loved these toys as a child too. Seen any good deals on them lately?