Sunday, July 22, 2012

Penguin Mania


Mania .....

If you haven't stopped by to see me lately........ you may come to the wrong office.  I've moved.  In the process of my responsibilities changing from preschool and elementary to just elementary...... I was asked to move offices.  The move makes me more centrally located to the elementary wing.  This also provided me the opportunity to change the "theme" for my office.  For years (just about 17 years) my office was decorated in Noah's Ark.  The many things I had acquired over the years were primarily from families I hold very dear to my heart.  For now they are packed up but will soon decorate the walls and shelves of my craft room at home.   I have been intrigued with penguins for a while now.  I had a few things already but slowly a few more "pretties" have shown up.  A big shout out to Jesse Wood for the painting that now graces my office wall and the buckets that hold some pretty essential items.  Can you tell what is in my buckets?  Why yes- that is dum dums in one bucket; pens, scissors, etc. in another and note cards in the bigger bucket.  Thanks so much Jesse!

I love penguins so much that sometimes I visit here and watch the penguins live at the Tennessee Aquarium.  Especially when they have new penguins.  I love watching them. 
Some of my new penguin friends are in the picture below.  One does flips, one is a puzzle and one is just really cute.  The main reason I wanted to show you this picture is because there is one thing I could not depart with from the Noah's Ark theme- my name plate.  Friends at my first church, Shively Baptist in Louisville, Kentucky gave me this and it had to stay.  Good thing it had the same shades of blue from my new office walls so my designer friend Jena would allow it to stay.  Does anyone (not from Louisville) know where it was made?
I even found one office supply that goes with my new theme......

Having trouble figuring this one out? 
Well here it is open---- a jump drive! I believe you can never have too many jump drives!  Well come by and see me- check out my new space in person.  I would love to see you!
Much Love!
Mrs. Tara

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Distinguished Young Woman

Last night I had the privilege of attending Tennessee's Distinguished Young Women of 2013's Flashback:  One Moment in Time.  Tonight they will crown the DYW for 2013.  This has been a new experience for me.  I attended the Bradley County event a few months ago.  Many young ladies I knew were competing for the local title.  A young lady I have had the privilege to know for the past 8 years won.  Miss Ashley Heald holds the title for our community.  She is competing against 19 other young ladies from across the state of Tennessee.  Last night she did quite well.  I am so very proud of her.  No matter what happens tonight - win or lose- Ashley is my DYW!

Ashley's heart has always been to follow after Jesus.  I can remember when she attended Kid's Evangelism Explosion.  She memorized her verses and the stories to aid her in sharing Jesus with her friends quickly.  She was able to assist me in helping others in this memorization.  The same was true in AWANA and her desire to commit God's word in her heart.  She feels God calling her to be a Children's Minister.  I know God is going to use her to impact many for His kingdom.  He is already doing that through her life and it has been exciting to watch. 

I am also so proud of our community.  This is the headquarters for this organization (on the state level), so we serve as the host for the state event.  Reading the paper all week on the activities the contestants have participated in has been amazing.  I realize this would not have been possible if so many organizations and businesses had not opened their door.

I look forward to attending tonight.  However, most of all I look forward to watching Ashley as she follows the path God has for her life.