Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach Bum

As my days at the beach draw to an end, I seriously wish God had called me to be a beach bum. I told him yesterday there were lots of things I could do for Him here at the beach- many I could share His love with and lots of fun activities for children. :)

Seriously today is Day 13 and tomorrow is my last day at the beach / pool. Mike flies in tomorrow night and we drive home Saturday. I sure have missed my man and can't wait to see him. (He left on Day 9)

Someone asked me today had I been able to relax - YES!

Although I have missed my friends, especially my little friends. I have enjoyed watching and making new friends at the pool and beach. This week I have met some amazing Christians and it has been neat to watch their families. I have enjoyed splish splashing with them.

I am also ready to come back and see all God has in store for the Fall.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation Time - here I come

Tomorrow Mike and I head on vacation. We are both so excited. As you know it has been two years since we headed to the beach. We were thinking we were adopting and so we opted to save our time. Well then I had surgery and needed to be off 9 weeks and THEN the adoption fell through. We did go away for a marriage conference but to be honest we were still raw with emotion from the adoption failing and the reality of my hysterectomy from the summer. We also went on a mission trip and that was an awesome time of being able to serve others, enjoy our surroundings and relax some. So we have "been" places but this trip is about siting on the beach or by the pool. It is about not doing a whole lot but what we really want to do. I can't wait to hear the beach.
We are going to Ormond Beach, Florida. We have been here many times but are always looking for new places to eat or visit- any suggestions? Mike is packing his clothes as I type this. I have lots to do to be ready but let me tell you a few of the things I can't wait for........
-- the sound of the waves crashing in
-- the smell of the beach
-- the 15 Lori Wick books my sister has loaned me
-- visiting the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
-- looking at the ocean from inside the pool
-- eating lots and lots of shrimp
-- eating Cinnamon rolls from Aunt Catfish's
-- talking and listening to God as I take in one of His great creations
-- people watching on the beach
-- taking in a movie when it rains
-- visiting the Sea Turtle Rehab Center
-- AND YES FELLOW COUPONERS seeing what COUPONS the local papers have available (and yes, when I shop at Publix there picking up what coupons they may have available!)

Well the awesome part of my trip is I am staying two weeks! I have never been to the beach for two weeks straight. Unfortunately Mike can only stay for part of the time - my two sisters and parents are coming for part as well. I look forward to spending time with them- we haven't been on a trip or even to the beach together in very, very long time!

Florida here we come! I am sure I will be ready to see all my little friends and their parents when I return---- I am going to miss you guys!

Looking forward to Exciting Times September 13th

First Families ------ exciting times!
Childhood ministries is Preparing for the Future at 1275 Stuart Rd NE . . .

We are excited to offer two new ministry opportunities for your child, beginning Sunday morning, September 13th. We are going to add a Kids Church hour for K-5th grades at 9:45am, and a Discovery Zone (Sunday school) hour for K-5th grades at 11am. These new opportunities will be in addition to the current 9:45am DZ hour and 11am Kids Church. We are making these additions for two reasons: one, to provide your family more opportunity to worship in the Sanctuary Worship services together, particularly in the months of December, June and July as Kids' Church will take a hiatus. Two, to prepare us for the growth we anticipate after the move to our new church home at, you guessed it, 1275 Stuart Rd NE!

The schedule will be as follows:
Elementary (K-5th Grades)
8:30am Discovery Zone (K-5th one combined class)
9:45am Discovery Zone (K-5th) and Kids Church (K-5th)
11:00am Discovery Zone (K-5th) and Kids Church (K-5th)

8:30am Discovery Zone (Some classes combined)
9:45am Discovery Zone
11:00am WorshipCare

On Sunday, August 23 and Sunday, August 30 you will be given the opportunity to fill out a "Family Schedule Intention" card for your elementary aged child(ren). This will help us plan out the classes for each hour of Discovery Zone. We appreciate your help in this matter.

This expansion will also provide you with more opportunities to serve in leadership positions. Please contact the Childhood Ministries offices if you feel led to help impacty boys and girls with the Good News of Jesus!
I realize that this will be an adjustment for families -- thank you for bearing with us as we make the necessary changes to prepare for the future! If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me . . . I welcome your questions and thoughts.

I am excited and can't wait!
Love you!
Mrs. Tara

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun Night with the Part of the Family

Tonight I had a great night with part of my family (minus Mike and my sister Brooke). We were sad everyone was not there BUT from my picture above you can tell what we did part of the time.

We ate pizza and played Phase 10. A fun game. We only played to Phase 10 (it takes a long time to go to Phase 10). Anyway, my mom won. We also were able to meet a new friend of my sister (Heather).

Before I went I meet for a few minutes with some Homeschool Moms- let me tell you this group is a regular riot. They were making plans for field trips, meetings, etc. Needless to say while I was there we had a great time and I promptly left when the fire alarm went off and scared us! Hope you gals had a great rest of the meeting.