Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach Bum

As my days at the beach draw to an end, I seriously wish God had called me to be a beach bum. I told him yesterday there were lots of things I could do for Him here at the beach- many I could share His love with and lots of fun activities for children. :)

Seriously today is Day 13 and tomorrow is my last day at the beach / pool. Mike flies in tomorrow night and we drive home Saturday. I sure have missed my man and can't wait to see him. (He left on Day 9)

Someone asked me today had I been able to relax - YES!

Although I have missed my friends, especially my little friends. I have enjoyed watching and making new friends at the pool and beach. This week I have met some amazing Christians and it has been neat to watch their families. I have enjoyed splish splashing with them.

I am also ready to come back and see all God has in store for the Fall.

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Heather R. said...

I would just like to say it will be nice to have you back and get back into the swing of the Fall! The summer hasn't been the same without all of our FBC activities! Jackson has been asking to go back to First Badist(spelled as he pronounces it!)
So glad you had this time of refreshing and renewing while enjoying God's creation!