Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun Night with the Part of the Family

Tonight I had a great night with part of my family (minus Mike and my sister Brooke). We were sad everyone was not there BUT from my picture above you can tell what we did part of the time.

We ate pizza and played Phase 10. A fun game. We only played to Phase 10 (it takes a long time to go to Phase 10). Anyway, my mom won. We also were able to meet a new friend of my sister (Heather).

Before I went I meet for a few minutes with some Homeschool Moms- let me tell you this group is a regular riot. They were making plans for field trips, meetings, etc. Needless to say while I was there we had a great time and I promptly left when the fire alarm went off and scared us! Hope you gals had a great rest of the meeting.


The Munck Family said...

I'm "very" sad Mrs. Tara I missed the meeting...ugh!!!! I had it on my palm as Wednesday the 5th NOT the Sunday the 2nd...where is my head??? i just thought I had things together, guess not :( Well missed not just the meeting but you too!

Kelly said...

Thanks Ms. Tara for caring about us was such a great time of fellowship and idea sharing...and we only had to pull two of the moms off the firetruck (no names)..hehehe.

Love you bunches,
Kelly B.