Monday, April 8, 2013

He always knows...........

He always knows when you need to know He is right there with you.  Those times you may wonder- even if for just a moment- if He is near or cares.  I know I have those times when I feel down and those feelings can overwhelm you.   Before anyone wonders if I am having a break down- relax.  I am fine.  But if we are all real we have those times that we need encouraged.

I don't know why I stand amazed when He orchestrates so many things that lifts my spirits.  Most of the time individuals have no idea what their actions mean to me...................

Today I needed to feel Him close and He did just that in the following ways (and more) ........

  • a kind word 
  • a smile 
  • a hug 
  • a friend who sat beside me and went over a list just so I would feel better 
  • a little child declaring "I love you Mrs. Tara" 
  • sunshine 
  • gifts to our mission team from lots of people 
  • encouraging words that reminds you why you do what you do (and who you do it for) 
  • forgiveness 
  • friends
He is good, He is faithful.  He loves me.  He loves you! He not only cares about the BIG stuff in life but the small stuff too.  He knows just when we need reminded of His love.  And friends HE loves us, oh, how HE loves us! 

Much Love! 
Mrs. Tara