Friday, December 31, 2010

A Day in the Country

This is one of my favorite spots when visiting North Carolina. It is A Day in the Country (which houses the Veranda Cafe). It has lots of neat gifts in the house and a basement full of bargains. My husband is so sweet to drive over to Hendersonville to visit this quaint little place. We were going to eat lunch at Cafe on the Veranda. He is a real trooper. He even put up with me taking his picture

He thought I was really crazy when I wanted to take a picture of his food- lol. I said I want to blog about this place and he said "oh". Mike had Charleston Tuna with Veranda Potato Salad. He laughed and told me it was really good too. He didn't think he was going to be able to eat dessert (sure honey). He told me he expected it to be "fru fru" food but it wasn't!

I had Sugar Loaf Chicken Salad, chips and soup. I love the chicken salad because it has walnuts and dried cranberries in it! My favorite chicken salad in Cleveland is Jenkins and Rebecca J's. What is yours? By the way we both had dessert- just forgot pictures- Mike had the 7 layer bar and I had peanut kiss cookies.
He asked me how I found this place. I chuckled and told him Paula and I shopped our way there one day. Paula is a friend of mine that works at Lifeway. When we were both at Ridgecrest she shared with me lots of places to shop and eat. I told him I think this was the first time I had chicken salad- well that I remember liking it a whole lot. Thanks Paula! I think of you every time I visit A Day In the Country and the Veranda Cafe. They have lots of goodies.

Another day I will show you what I purchased this time and my favorite basement bargain from A Day In the Country. You can shop their store online too! In my shopping bag was a coupon - you guys know I am all about coupons- for 10% off from January 3 - May 15. I mean I think I can drive 3 1/2 hours sometime in the next 5 months- anyone for a road trip? Paula if you are reading...............when will you be at Ridgecrest again?

A Little Getaway

Mike and I had planned for some time to getaway a few days after Christmas. The snow delayed our plans a little but we wanted to be safe. After visiting with family on Monday, we ventured to Ridgecrest Conference Center right outside of Asheville, North Carolina. If you are on church staff you should check out their incredible rate. We love this area and it was beautiful with the snow! Now it was a little tricky getting there- one lane through 16 miles of the mountains- so it took a little longer to arrive than we thought. However we were determined to have a good couple of days...... despite the fact I was coming down with a cold.
On Tuesday, we just hung out. We went to a restaurant we like a bunch but don't have near Cleveland- Cheddar's. We shopped a little and went to a movie. The movie was okay but I won't mention the title because we don't recommend it. We headed back to the conference center........ we like staying in Mountain Laurel. It was full of life because of all the youth there for a retreat. They enjoyed all the snow on the ground. It was really, really windy.
Well on Wednesday we had reservations to go over to Biltmore , we just didn't realize so did everyone else. We bought an annual pass when we were at Rec Lab back in the spring. If you plan on going more than one day, you should buy a pass. We did so saying we wanted to come back at Christmas to see the decorations. Well, we had no idea that the week after Christmas is their biggest week of the entire year. Note to anyone even thinking about going that week- just don't do it. I did find the decorations are put up in November - so maybe we should have gone then. Not to mention I am feeling pretty lousy by this time. One positive of the day is that because I had made reservations -that meant we got to go to the shortest line! Yipee! We then wind through the snowy winter wonderland and park. We hop out and head to the shuttle stop. We are told the have not cleared the ice from the over 1 mile trail so they are asking everyone to ride the shuttle. Okay no problem, I prefer to do that anyway. Well, 45 minutes later we finally get to board a shuttle. By this time we have missed our reservation time (as has everyone else). We are all told this is not a problem just to head on into the house. Oh my goodness it was wall to wall people. Not a great experience. Yes the trees and decorations were gorgeous. I think they oversold on this day. You basically were being herded through the house- not enjoyable. We loved our time at Biltmore before and will go again BUT never that week again. Here are some pictures we took (outside the house- since they do not allow pictures, video, etc. of anything inside the house):
Here is this picture from our trip in April .................. big difference huh!

We loved our time away........... although wish I had felt better (got lots of good medicine today from the doctor) and I wish Biltmore had not been so crowded. All in all I enjoyed some time away with Mike........... he gets so little time away!

Happy New Year !

Well I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2010 but it is time to say goodbye and welcome in 2011! Mike and I just returned from a few days of vacation. I will post about our trip when I can also post pictures. Although I am under the weather but hopefully the doctor can give me some meds tomorrow to knock it out of me.

Get ready to celebrate the last day of 2010................ and


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is Lottie Moon on your gift list?

It is my prayer that everyone includes Lottie Moon on their gift list for Christmas this year. Some may ask who is Lottie Moon? Well I am referring to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering for missions.
You can go here to read more about the lady the offerring is named after.

This offering (100% of it) is sent to Southern Baptist missionaries for the projects, efforts, churches, etc. they are heading to help people all over the world know that Jesus came as a baby, died on a cross and rose again just for them. Did you know if missionaries didn't go and tell some would never know of Jesus amazing love for them?

Mike and I each year have a tradition........................... the person we spend the most money on for Christmas is Lottie Moon. Yes, we add up whatever the most spent on one person and that (at least) is our gift for Lottie Moon.

Would you consider giving an offering to Lottie Moon today? Did you know that we have missionaries who are called and trained to go but haven't been sent? The reason is there is not enoough money to send them all. Help be a part of the love of Jesus being spread all over the world! Here is where you can go to give

Merry Christmas!