Friday, December 31, 2010

A Day in the Country

This is one of my favorite spots when visiting North Carolina. It is A Day in the Country (which houses the Veranda Cafe). It has lots of neat gifts in the house and a basement full of bargains. My husband is so sweet to drive over to Hendersonville to visit this quaint little place. We were going to eat lunch at Cafe on the Veranda. He is a real trooper. He even put up with me taking his picture

He thought I was really crazy when I wanted to take a picture of his food- lol. I said I want to blog about this place and he said "oh". Mike had Charleston Tuna with Veranda Potato Salad. He laughed and told me it was really good too. He didn't think he was going to be able to eat dessert (sure honey). He told me he expected it to be "fru fru" food but it wasn't!

I had Sugar Loaf Chicken Salad, chips and soup. I love the chicken salad because it has walnuts and dried cranberries in it! My favorite chicken salad in Cleveland is Jenkins and Rebecca J's. What is yours? By the way we both had dessert- just forgot pictures- Mike had the 7 layer bar and I had peanut kiss cookies.
He asked me how I found this place. I chuckled and told him Paula and I shopped our way there one day. Paula is a friend of mine that works at Lifeway. When we were both at Ridgecrest she shared with me lots of places to shop and eat. I told him I think this was the first time I had chicken salad- well that I remember liking it a whole lot. Thanks Paula! I think of you every time I visit A Day In the Country and the Veranda Cafe. They have lots of goodies.

Another day I will show you what I purchased this time and my favorite basement bargain from A Day In the Country. You can shop their store online too! In my shopping bag was a coupon - you guys know I am all about coupons- for 10% off from January 3 - May 15. I mean I think I can drive 3 1/2 hours sometime in the next 5 months- anyone for a road trip? Paula if you are reading...............when will you be at Ridgecrest again?

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