Monday, July 21, 2014

Trusting God

Today started X-Play at our church.  It is a fun week where children get to pick different tracks (like animal lovers, creative cooking, rainbow loom, etc.) and experience some of their favorite things or for some try brand new things.

We are using the new Zip for kids! curriculum for part of X-Play  Which by the way kudos to Lifeway for this incredible help in planning.  I've been doing a day camp type thing for over 15 years and finally something that can help us with this fun week.  If you haven't tried it you should.  And no I don't get anything for saying that- no free stuff, no kickback- nada, nothing.  But what you will get is some great tools to assist you!  By the way it is not just for day camps but you can use it in a variety of settings.  Click here to go learn more!

So one of my main reasons for blogging today - is I decided to show the kids how I would trust in God.  I showed the video that comes with Zip today- it is an intro video and they followed up in Bible Study.  The video shows a kid named Matthew who is afraid to jump off the diving board at his community pool.  He decided that he could face his fear and trust God to help with overcoming this fear.  So I told the kids of my silly but real fear.  I am almost a little embarrassed to even write what I am afraid of ...........but here goes.... I am afraid of frogs.  I have never touched one or held one but I told them if someone would bring one tomorrow I would face my fear and hold it.  Now I am sitting in my office while they are having fun in tracks- thinking what in the world was I thinking.  Now tomorrow if Austin really does bring a frog- I have to hold it.  Yikes!  I don't know why I am fearful of something so small that can't harm me but I am .
What is something you fear?  Are you trusting God today with it?  
Although my fear of frogs is a silly fear there are other things I seriously fear.  I am thankful for a God who is trustworthy.  I am thankful for the fear of things like being accepted, fitting in, walking through a sickness, etc. that God is right there with each of us.  He wants us to trust Him with the silly and small things to the big and serious things in our lives.  
So back to this fear of frog thing.....
I hope he is a nice frog.  Tune in tomorrow for pictures and possibly a video of me and a new friend! 

Much Love! 
Mrs. Tara