Friday, March 18, 2011

On The Go Dinners

About a month ago I discovered a new business here in town (Cleveland, TN) that has been a huge blessing.  You guessed it - it's called On The Go Dinners.  It is a business that provides ready to cook meals for an incredible price.  PLUS she delivers.  Please be sure to read the order and delivery info - it is really important and can answer your questions!

Here is how it works- the cook posts the menu on Monday each week.  You email , call or text (464-2322) your order and when you would like the item you order.  If you live in the Cleveland city limits delivery is included (FREE).  Each item you order is $12.  No that is not a typo- TWELVE dollars.  I have taken a few pictures of things I have ordered and how it comes................ (I think I only have one picture of how it looks after it is cooked- lol - we usually gobble it up so fast I forget to take a picture). 

Also if you are doing weight watcher's the points are listed for each dish.  The cook lists these on the menu each week.  You can also find On The Go Dinners on Facebook - but I have no idea how to link that here! (remember I am technology challenged- just ask the crew at church).  And just in case you wondered - I have not been asked to post about this wonderful new business, I wanted to share it with you since I love it so much.  I also am not getting anything in return for sharing this business with you.  Although I am hoping I can influence the menu selections over the next few weeks- lol.  In reading past menus on the blog (from before I heard about this business) I would love to see the Chicken Alfredo Bake and / or the French Toast Casserole return to the menu selection sometime.  (Melissa - if you are reading this hint, hint )

Here is how it comes...........

 Here are the instructions for the Roast Chicken Bake!
Here is the Roast Chicken Bake ready to go in the oven!

Here is the Taco Noodle Bake ready to go in the oven!
Here it is ready to eat - yummy!

I can't not say enough good things about EVERYTHING we have ordered- Here are some of the things I have ordered: 

Roast Chicken Bake
Taco Noodle Bake
Chicken Enchiladas 
White Chicken Chili with Cornbread Crust 
Bruschetta Skinny Chicken
Beef Enchiladas
Skinny Ginger Soy Chicken

It has worked so well for Mike and I.  On nights I have ordered he gives me a buzz when he leaves work and I put it in the oven and we are ready to eat.  It is also enough food for us to have leftovers for lunch and  dinner.  So I've let you in on one of my secrets.  Oh by the way - clean up is a done quickly now- no dishes to load in the dishwasher from preparation - which makes Mike and I both happy!  Hope it helps you too!