Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nativity Sets

I am now the proud owner of a Nativity set I have wanted for a while. I have pieces of it but did not have this complete set. A co-worker found them at Wal-mart for $40. If you ever visit the Fisher Price website you would know this would cost over $80 on their website. So thanks to LA!
For those who have heard me speak about Christmas traditions you know I encourage you to have a Nativity set that is okay for children to touch. Often times we have special Nativity sets and children are told "Don't touch!". I believe this communicates the wrong message. I love hearing stories from parents about how their children play with their Nativity and tell the Christmas story. It is actually precious- you are laying a foundation at an early age.
I have several Nativity sets that children can touch and play with in my collection. Yes, I said collection. One of the things I collect is Nativities. I will attempt to take pictures of them and share them with you throughout December.
I also love Fisher Price's Little People toys. Many of my close friends know that among all the sad things about me not being able to have children and our adoption failing was Fisher Price Little People toys. Yes, my list is long of the things that are sad about not having children but I am striving to move on with life. One way I have done this is by proclaiming- Who says you have to have children to purchase Little People toys! So last year I began to add to my collection. I enjoy playing with those with children who visit my home. I loved these toys as a child too. Seen any good deals on them lately?


The Sandovals said...

I just bought the same nativity set today for Klara and Zach! Klara loves it and has been playing with it all morning! We plan on leaving it out all year long.

Caribbean Cindy said...

I love that nativity!! I collect them, too. One of my sad things is that we don't have any on the island to buy and share. I kept ALL our kids LITTLE PEOPLE toys because they were so much fun. Of course they are the old "dangerous" ones but I think I can supervise play with them and not let anyone come to harm. lol I don't know if I will have grandkids but like you I plan someday to share them with any chidlren that come in our home (when we have another home where we can unpack our things! lol)