Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marriage Enrichment

Mike and I spent the past week on vacation and attending a Marriage Conference. We attended a Weekend to Remember conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. We had a great time visiting this wonderful city and spending some time focusing specifically on our marriage. My favorite is always the date night Saturday night. Mike and I went out to eat in Merchant's Square and then did a Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Walk. It was a lot of fun.

We had great speakers at the conference. I always love it ends with renewing your vows. I got really tickled this year- remembering the minister who married us messed up a little. I got tickled remembering Mike whispering over and over to me it was okay.
We also picked up a new devotional book for couples. We celebrated 15 years of marriage this past May. For at least half of our married life we have been to conferences and seminars to enrich our marriage. Some have been one day seminars, some weekend conferences and even a marriage classes. I encourage you to actively do something to enrich your marriage. Most people think that these type of classes, conferences, or seminars are just for marriages in trouble or struggling. Although these things are great to help in those situations, we should ALL be taking steps to focus on our marriage.

I encourage you to check out www.familylife.com and click on conferences to check out dates and locations. You can also find a lot of resources for marriage and family on this site.

We also loved our visit to Williamsburg. I learned so much about the history of our country and colonial life. We ate at some great places! I did some fun shopping. And YES! we visited Yankee Candles Flagship store (one of two). We watched some fun movies. We even road a ferry over to Smithfield, Virginia. We got back late last night- it is about a 8 1/2 hour drive. I took today off and enjoyed watching Christmas movies. I also made my lists and pulled my coupons to shop tomorrow. Tomorrow the office closes at noon.

All in all - a great time! I will post some pictures and info on the vacation part of our trip later. I will tell you this is definitely a place everyone should visit. If you homeschool, you should put this in your school year at some point. If you visit two days- you should purchase the season pass $58 (versus $36 for one day). It is an awesome place. We were actually there during the opening of the first reconstructed building in 50 years- Charlton Coffeehouse.

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