Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rec Lab

I have been in San Antonio, Texas since Sunday afternoon. I have come down here to attend a conference that I come to every year. I believe this is my 15th or 16th year. It is amazing time each year in my life. Amazing because I am able to attend so many practical classes and seminars that apply to my life, family and ministry. Not only that but the worship is geared specifically toward those who minister. This week our worship leader is Dave Hunt and our pastor is David Uth (who is the Senior Pastor at FBC Orlando). More than anything it is a feeling of a family reunion. Each year you get to catch up with friends in ministry and meet new people. There is a sense of family among this group. Sometimes some of us get to see each other during the year and others it is just once a year at Rec Lab. Despite this we are a close group. We have prayed through so many things- marriage, children's birth and adoption, illness, death, divorce, wayward children, broken relationships, hurts in ministry, etc. It has been a good week to be together.

I have already been to some great classes, the sermons have been incredible and recharging and the hanging out with friends has been just what I needed. After having such a rough end of 2008 (surgery, failed adoption, and the grief that accompanied these things) the Lord knew this is where I needed to come at the beginning of 2009. I am so thankful to the Lord for providing this opportunity!

I am off to classes, worship, lunch and then to the River Walk!


Laura said...

I miss you and hope your having fun !!!!

Dee Dee said...

Have fun! We will miss you at church tomorrow. See you when we get back from Disney:)