Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coupon Class for Cleveland

After talking about saving money and being frugal at one of our mom's group, several people commented they wanted to learn more about being Frugal. The economic crisis of our country is definitely having an impact on most family's budgets. I was also amazed after mentioning this in one of our Cooking Live (cooking class) events- the number that responded they were interested. Saving money is something everyone wants to do!
I came to the realization after reading blogs while off from surgery for almost 9 weeks that even though I thought I didn't need to clip coupons - that YES I did! For me it was simple, as a follower of Christ I know I need to be a good steward of what God has given me. I also realized being more frugal in the how I spend money on my grocery budget allows me to give more freely to others. I also am able to work on paying off my debt.
For some it is a way to show their spouse how thankful they are able to stay at home or work part time. For most it becomes a challenge. One example of that is in this story I share with you:
As I stood before the mom's group and shared how little I had paid for an item - a mom looked at me and politely said - I got 12 of those for free last week. At that moment it was "ON". I mean how did I miss that. Some of you are thinking I don't need 12 of those- but with this particular item (cake icing tubs), donating them to a food pantry is a great option. This type item is a "luxury" in a food pantry- or at least it is in my church's Manna Ministry. I mean for those of us who are competitive that meant we "LOST THAT GAME!"

So know that I have been on my soap box, here are the details.

Thursday, February 5th First Baptist Church Cleveland, TN
- 10 a.m. class (childcare provided with a reservation)
- 7 p.m. class (no childcare provided)
- the class is for men, women, ages- high school and up, all size and types of family units - single, married with or without children (wanted to clarify since some have asked)
We are asking you RSVP for this event- to sign up leave me a comment or for those who know me- you can email me! The class is the same both times we are just trying to offer so everyone who wants to can attend.
You will learn how to get the most savings without spending a whole lot of time! Look at it this way- if someone could show you how to save just $10 a week all year- that is $520. I can find some other things to spend $520 +++++ on can't you?
Ladies who have been doing this and can teach you how to become more frugal will be sharing.
Okay, as usual I got wordy......... but sign up and share with others! All are welcome to come- as always- our events are open not only to First Baptist members but our community as well!


Tonia Sherrill said...

Tara, I love the idea of a coupon class. What do I need to do in order to register for the class? Interested in the morning class on February 5th.

Mrs. Tara said...

Thanks for the interest. You can email me twaldrop@clevelandfbc.com. In your email please put your name, email, phone number and if you need childcare please let me know your children's birthdate with year and names. Also let me know if you coupon already and if so, let me know if you save - some, pretty good amount or TONS. This will help us know our audience.
Thanks for the interest

Amanda said...

I'm just now catching up on your blog. I would love it if you would post some tips from this class to your blog. It sounds very cool!

Tiffany-Z said...

HEY!! I"m cleaning out my inbox tonight, too... keep thinking I should go...
But is it too late? I thought about bringing myself and a friend... Just let me know. would be for the evening session. :-)
thanks, TARA!!

Ok- I'm not a coupon girl... and that pains me to say.. I buy the paper only for the coupons.. then I tear them out.. and then forget to use them. or let them expire..
But I've never known about all this CVS maddness!! OR where to double or triple my coupons, etc... that's very exciting to me. I jsut shop at UGO and SUPERSAVERS and UWO and I save TONS there....
anyway!! Let me know. I'll try to be there if I can come! love,carrie

Tiffany-Z said...

OH! and my Assistant's name is showing up on my post.. Tiffany Zajas... but this is CARRIE WORKMAN, btw.. sorry.