Monday, January 19, 2009

Praying for our new President

I want to encourage everyone to join me in praying for our new President. President Obama, his family and the others who lead our nation need our prayers. I encourage you to go to The Presidential Prayer Team and join in! This is an organization that will give your prayer guides and other prayer resources to help you pray specifically for our leaders. You can find specific prayer requests for individual leaders.
On Friday night the elementary aged children will be challenged to pray for President Obama. They will write a letter to him letting them know we prayed for him and his family during our Parent's Night Out. I want our children to know that it is important as Christians to pray for our leaders.
More than anytime in our nation's history (in my opinion) we need a President who seeks God's help in leading this great nation! As our country faces economic hardship, moral crisis, wars raging all over this world, environmental concerns as well as other things that plague our nation ; we are a nation who needs to turn back to the one true God our nation was founded upon. We need to put our differences aside- regardless of who we cast our vote for this past November- this is the time to stand together. We need to work together but more than anything PRAY together. Will you join me in praying for our new historic first family?

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