Friday, January 2, 2009

Nativity Sets

This is a cute Nativity Set for children to play with.................
Veggie Tale Nativity Precious Moments Nativity
I am sitting here trying to count how many Nativity Sets I have and I can't. I have a LOT. I love collecting these and have a variety of kinds. I have several from different places and many hold special meaning to my husband and I. The one I have pictured above is a Precious Moments Nativity that was given to me several years ago by my parents. I believe they purchased it through AVON.

I encourage everyone who has children in their sphere of influence (I think that just about covers EVERYONE!) to have at least one Nativity that is child friendly. I love to watch children play with the Nativity. If you are careful you can even see them "tell" the story of Jesus birth. If you have an infant- don't worry they can hold it, put it in their mouth (well the bigger pieces), etc.

I have a new one this year called, "What God Wants For Christmas" , it is a book and nativity. It is from Family Life. I will post more on this later- I read this at our Children's Christmas Party this year. My family also read it on Christmas morning before we opened presents. It is REALLY neat - I will tell you more when I post on the Christmas Party.

Here is one I am adding to a little at a time- Fisher Price's Little People Nativity

Now is a good time to check Christian Bookstores and websites to purchase these at discounted rates- keep checking Fisher Price's website too. A friend told me a toy store had these a LOT cheaper than the website but I can't remember where it is- if you are reading this K.T. please let us know..............or if you know of somewhere you can purchase this one .......... leave us a comment!


Laura said...

Hey Mrs. Tara!!! Jonathan got this for Christmas this year! He loves it, we found it at Wal-Mart in Ooltewah, they had lots. We purchased it the week before Christmas. The FP web site was only a few dollars more than Wal-Mart. You will have to come over and play with Jonathan and his...OR Webkinz, the boys are still waiting. But now wait til we are well...Love to you and Mr. Mike!!!

Mrs. Tara said...

Thanks! Love you guys too- we have been praying since I realized you were sick. Christine is excited she can finally meet you on Thursday!

this blessed nest said...

we got the fp for our 2 1/2 year old before christmas. if one is lucky kb toy store is going out of business at hamilton place. you may find a cheap one there.
visting your blog for the first time. found you through feedjit - chattanooga, blogshpere.
have a great weekend!