Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet Yertle the Turtle

I realized after posting pictures of Yertle in San Antonio, that I have never properly introduced my turtle friend to you! Our Childhood Ministries has two turtle friends who are traveling turtles. Their names are Yertle and Mertle. We had a naming contest to come up with their names when they first became our friends. We also have two monkey friends- Milo and Millie the Mission Monkeys. The concept is to have children take a traveling turtle when they are going on a trip that requires travel. Milo and Millie go with individuals, families or teams who are going on mission both locally and globally. You are to take pictures of them while they are on their trip............ We have done some neat things with our friends on these trips. This fall the turtles went to England, Germany, Nicaragua, Hilton Head, Bike trips to Virginia, Disney World, and many other fun places. The monkeys have been to Nicaragua, Turkey, Greece, Kosovo, etc.

Other than to have fun and help us stay connected our families we are teaching children the following truth- "Your life can be a testimony everywhere you go!" I mean when you are taking a picture of or with one of these cute little creatures it most always draws attention or curious questions. Guess what? This is an awesome opportunity to lead into sharing about our faith in Jesus Christ. For you see when you tell someone this is something your church does you then often will have an open door to talk about spiritual things. So meet my friend Yertle- we are in San Antonio (as you may have guessed from earlier pictures).

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