Friday, January 30, 2009

My Car is officially dead

My car is officially dead. I drive a Ford Contour and it is old. The Lord provided us this vehicle many years ago while we were in seminary- yes I have driven it a long time. I mean it is literally falling a part and after putting $600 in it this week- it still needs $700 more we find out today. Well we have decided it is just not worth it. So we are asking God to lead and guide us as we once again find a vehicle.

It also made me a little sad. We were waiting until we adopted the girls to buy a new vehicle. Well since that fell through we have just put off getting a vehicle. However, here we are at that juncture and I have no idea what kind of vehicle I want or need. I mean before I knew no question- I was getting a mini van. Now that this is not a necessity I have no idea what to purchase. Matter of fact I absolutely detest looking for a new car. I dislike the whole car salesman stuff- so all those praying friends out there pray, pray, pray. I know God once again while lead and guide us. I truly believe He cares about all the details in our lives- even what car I need. I just wish He would send me an email and tell me. Now that is a thought - an email with the sender listed as "GOD"! That is for sure an email I would read!!!!

What kind of vehicle do you think I need?

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Laura said...

OK, my friend I'm not God but I do know He will open the doors to just the right car!! I love you :)