Friday, January 2, 2009

I Confess Another Addiction

I must confess. I have an addictive personality! :0 I am addicted to movies. Don't believe me? Here are the movies I received for Christmas! Horton Hears A Who! is a movie I saw in the theater (which is unusual for me- I normally wait and just buy it and see it then). However, since I have a book addiction too- I had read this book and wanted to see the movie. Someone knew I loved it and now I have it forever. By the way my collection of movies absolutely drives my mother crazy. I am not really sure why, I need to ask her.
I love these movies too but didn't have them- THANKS Heather!

Another thing no one really knows about me is I LOVE Reba. I am not much of a sitcom watcher but I began watching reruns of this. It is so funny. Not to mention I love to hear REBA sing. So my secret is out. Thanks to Santa's Helper (Heather) I was given the first four seasons for Christmas! I was so excited since there are only 5 seasons (and the 5th season is not even out on DVD). I only wish it was still running............. wonder why it was ever canceled?

As if my DVD addiction only pertained to DVDs I owned, we might be okay. However, two weeks ago I decided I had read enough about Redbox and I should try it myself. I will admit I had been really leery of it up until then. I wasn't exactly sold on it when I tried but thought hey I have a free code that one of the "elevenmoms" from Wal-mart posted- I will try it. On my fourth night of renting them, hubby looks at me and says, "you are addicted." I smiled and said yes but they have ALL been FREE! I did however pick some real losers in my opinion but hey it did not cost me a dime. I have only paid for one so far and have rented quite a few. Try it- if you are little skeptical as I was- use one of these two codes ....... you can only use it the first time you rent- REDBOX or try DVDONME. You have to put your credit card / bank card in the machine so they can know who to charge if you skip town with their DVD. If you have been renting these and didn't know you can get free codes- just google redbox codes and you will find several sites listing these and can even put in your cell phone number so you can get a code every Monday for free. A code that is working right now is BREAKROOM . Try it- I mean who can't afford a FREE movie.
So there you have it- a movie addict............. Are you a movie addict? Don't be afraid to confess here in my comment box- the more of us there are we will not feel alone! Okay, Okay I am teasing but you can let me know what your favorite movie of all time is................ Mine is "The Sound of Music"!

For those of you wondering what is a REDBOX.............. here it is. You have most likely seen them at a Walgreen's or Wal-mart. Here in Cleveland you can find them at the 25th Street Walgreens, Wal-mart on Keith Street, Wal-mart on Treasury Drive and the Walgreens near the Wal-mart on Treasury Drive. In some places McDonald's are starting to get them. I wish the Walgreen's across from the Wal-mart on Keith Street would get one..... Anyone out there listening? Who do we tell we want a REDBOX at that Walgreens?


The Fab 4 said...

Red box is the most wonderful gift to Cleveland and perpetual movie watchers. I didn't know about the free code thing, so it just got even better!

Happy New Year, Mrs. Tara!

Amanda said...

My favorite movie is also Sound of Music! Also, you are not alone in your love of Reba. I love it to and so does my mom and even my dad (although he would never admit it)!

Caribbean Cindy said...

I love the National Treasure movies!! Kindred spirits, friend!