Friday, January 2, 2009

So disappointed

I am so sorry if you listened to me about sending Christmas Cards to Recovering Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. I sent two boxes and they were ALL sent back as not able to deliver. No real reason was given- I will have to try and find out. Sorry if you did waste postage on this- it was a nice thought anyway.

Anyone know why they would not accept these?

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Niki Ary said...

Hey Tara....
The reason they returned them is because of security.... with the anthrax scare in DC a few years ago, they are afraid to accept letters that have not been addressed to a specific individual. They are afraid someone would want to do further harm to our soldiers. You cannot even send letters to any soldier through the USO anymore. Instead you have to know someone who is in the Army, etc.... who you can send them to and then ask them to share with others. I hope this helps.