Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wii Fit

So many of you have asked me did you find a Wii Fit for my husband's birthday. YES! I did! It is a long story but I actually ended up with two. So I am selling one- I think I have someone who is going to purchase it but if not I will let you know in case you are interested. We have only set it up. Boy, am I glad you can LOCK your information. Otherwise everyone could see my weight, BMI, etc. I mean I know you can look at me and pretty much figure out I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT.............. but you know the actual numbers I am glad you can hide. Don't laugh- I think most of women no matter the size want to hide those numbers. I have laughed at someone who said they were fat and told them okay let me come stand beside you and you can rethink that statement (they were not fat at all). Tee Hee!

We have not done many things on the Wii Fit since hubby just got it. What is really funny though is the above game under the Aerobics heading. I mean how funny is it for a person to be making all these funny moves with their hips / body - I mean think about it - if you can't see the screen and don't realize you are keeping your virtual or on screen hoola hoop from falling it could look strange. Okay it looks strange anyway. But man is it fun. Okay I thought I would pass out after doing the running one.

I will also make a confession. Hubby and I could not figure out why we could not do the balance stuff correctly- I mean we were leaning like the picture said but we just knew something wasn't right OR we were a lot worse off than we ever thought. Well................. we realized we had the board backwards. Too bad our little four year old neighbor wasn't around to "teach" us how to use this like he did the Wii.

Oh funny stuff.

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