Saturday, December 6, 2008

OCC - One more thing!

Here I am with shoe boxes as we go into a Training Room. I am already overwhelmed and emotional in just walking in the warehouse. I can't wait to share with my boys and girls at church my pictures and for them to know what happens to their shoe box once it leaves the church. The one thing I forgot to tell you about the box is we are to do two very important things as we inspect each box. One is we are to pray for the child that receives this box and secondly we are to make sure it will be a "WOW" for them when they open their box.

About 95% of my pallet, was all the same in each box. Some church, group, school or possibly even an individual did LOTS of boxes. If it was a girl they got a teddy bear as their big thing- if it was a boy it was a basketball or soccer ball. Most of my boxes were for girls. I started putting the recorder on top of the bear like it was playing it. I tried to imagine each child as they opened their box and saw this Teddy bear. It reminded me of my first trip overseas eight years ago. The first little girl I met from Nicaragua was a little girl who couldn't go to school because she was responsible for her family's cow. She followed that cow everywhere. It grazed beside where I was working. She asked me if I had an "American Teddy Bear" she could have. I had a beanie baby teddy bear and I gave it to her. She was so happy. I believe each child will be thrilled. I stand in awe at the number of boxes done by this group. Many of those who worked on our line all had the same boxes like mine- meaning there were pallets full. It made me realize I need to encourage those in my sphere of influence to an even greater capacity. Each child that receives a shoebox also receives a story about the greatest gift ever given- Jesus- in their language. I was encouraged by those who put a note in it with an address. I wished everyone did this so the child can communicate with you if they so choose.
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The Fab 4 said...

So glad you posted this, Tara. We did a box this year, and Luke loved doing it, but I realize now that we could've/should've done more. It's so humbling to compare what we will put under our tree to what was in the box we donated. I think this gift-giving thing needs to become inverted.