Friday, March 23, 2012

Entryways into the Church

When you think of the entryways into the church, often you think it means the actual front doors.  It can mean the physical doors that someone walks into the church.  It is my belief that very few people today are coming in through those doors. 

Sound a little confusing?  Let me explain.  I believe that years ago people in need of a Savior did come into the church looking for a Savior. They came through those doors for a revival, special meeting or a regular church service. Often they came at the invitation of a friend.  However, today so many people are afraid of the church or have a hurt related to the church.  Today, I believe people are less likely to accept invites to a church service.  Statistics show us that attendance at revivals and special meetings are in decline. Our methods have had to change as we attempt to introduce people to Jesus.  I believe one major change in our methods is the entryway into the church today.  Today's entryway looks and feels very different than the past. 

Entryways today- in my opinion- are ministry events and programs.  These things are non-threatening and open to all - those inside and outside the church.  In the variety of ministries (entryways) it is a chance for those with hurts in need of healing or those who need to meet the Savior an opportunity to interact with the church (the people).  Hopefully and prayerfully that will be a positive and life changing experience. 

So what do I think the entryways of the church of today look like (or should look like)...............

family events, sporting leagues, craft classes, cooking classes, reading clubs, camping, day camps, supper clubs, quilting groups, support groups, bird watching, fitness, music lessons, swimming pool, parent's day out, photographers, computers,  senior activities

This list is limitless  - it can be anything- hobbies, interests, talents ................anything people will want to attend, learn more about, gather around, enjoy the fellowship, participate, make, etc.

I believe if I invited a friend who doesn't attend church to a cooking class or a church service- more times than not- they would be more likely to accept the invite to the class.  The hope is that over time and with much prayer, they would desire a personal relationship with Jesus.  Next time you sign up for a class, group, night out, etc. at church.....  Would you consider inviting a friend?

Is there something you really enjoy in your spare time or God has gifted you with a special skill or talent ? Have you considered praying and asking God if this could be an entryway in your church.......... but more importantly into His kingdom? 

Mrs. Tara

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