Monday, January 31, 2011

A Fun Spot!

Well this is the sign that I had to turn by to get to my condo while in Florida. So every day for a week in November and the two weeks I was gone this month, I drove by this sign. Sometimes several times. I started thinking............. A Fun Spot.
We all like to be in or at a fun spot. It also challenged me to think do the children who attend ministry activities and events - from Discovery Zone and Kid's Church and AWANA to big special events- think WOW! that was a lot of fun. I want them to leave thinking the spot / place they learn about Jesus amazing love for them is a really FUN spot to be.

Now, some of you are thinking I mean the amazing theme design at our new church. Although we are incredibly blessed at FBC of Cleveland and Joe's team did an amazing job, that is not what I am speaking about. Nope, not all. I am actually asking - are we making God's word and the truths found within His word FUN? It is my prayer that we as Children's Ministry leaders and teachers make God's word come alive, be exciting and they never walk away bored.

I was also challenged to think of my home- is it a Fun Spot?

The more I thought on "FUN SPOTS", I began to realize it is more than the spot. It is a feeling. Also being a fun spot is not just about fun- it is about love and feeling safe. It is a feeling of security and belonging. It is never having to wonder if you fit in and you never feel out of place. It doesn't mean it is always a bed of roses and can be interesting and even challenging. However, the people with you in this "spot" make it worth it and you love them. Most of all you can laugh and cry together. It is the place you can come running to in good times and bad. Some people call it their happy place.

Whatever the case- happy, fun, etc. Where is that place for you? Are you making the environment around you- be it home, work, school, etc. a FUN SPOT?

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