Saturday, January 29, 2011

Being on the same page..........

Well one thing I was reminded of at the conferences I attended was making sure you are communicating effectively. Sometimes you think you are, but you realize you are not on the same page. This can be frustrating for everyone involved. I thought this picture clearly illustrated this tip............... Minnie Mouse misunderstood when planting BUTTERCUPS in her flower pot. If you will notice from the picture above she literally has CUPS OF BUTTER! Not quite the same!

At first I thought - Minnie Mouse sure is silly. Then I stopped and thought of all the times I thought I had communicated clearly .... only to find out later I was not so clear. Well this is definitely one of the areas of my life I need to work at harder. How about you?

Note: This picture was taken in Minnie's house in Toon Town at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida). If you are a Disney may have heard Toon Town will soon be gone........forever. They are making way for the expansion at Fantasy Land and as of right now there are no plans to put Toon Town somewhere else. Sad, I know. So you may see lots of pictures in the future because I took lots since it is disappearing from my favorite place on earth.

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Jackie said...

What a great visualization! Thank you for your patience and willingness to help me even get to the correct CHAPTER, let alone the correct PAGE!!! - Love you Mrs. Tara :)