Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'll Hold You In Heaven Remembrance Book

I wanted to share with you a book that I pray you never have a need for in your life or circle of friends and family. However, I know that many of you, especially if you are a Minister to Children, will have times when you will need to pass along this resource to a family who has lost a baby. The book is I'll Hold You in Heaven Remembrance Book by Debbie Heydrick.

It states this books if for "Those who have experienced the loss of hopes and dreams through the untimely death of their baby, those who have had to say "Good-bye" before really having the chance to say "Hello", Those who knew of their baby's existence for but a few hours, days, weeks or months, yet grew in love with their child in great hope and anticipation of this treasured life., Those ho held their child for only a brief moment and for those who never had the chance., Those who have experienced closure in the loss and for all those who have had little or no real closure at all., May you now hear the words your heart longs to hear and truly experience the hope, comfort and peace that Christ has for you."

A while back I began to search for a resource to help those couples who had experienced the loss of a baby before it was born or shortly after it was born. Although there is not a whole lot of resources I have found this is one of the best I have found. It provides words of encouragement from someone who has walked the same path. It offers the truths of God's word so you can hang onto His love and truth during this difficult time. It provides space to journal if you decide to do so. It also helps you find ways to remember your child.

I have began to pass these along to couples when they experience loss. Sadly today was one of those days. I encourage couples to set the book aside until you are ready to look through it. For some it will be the day they receive it and for others it may take a while. Grief is a journey and for two people it never looks the same. I encourage you to continue to lift up the Ryan and Keenon as they are in the beginning days of grieving. As the days and weeks move ahead for the rest of us, please don't stop praying for them. I encourage you to visit their blog HERE ! You can read about the celebration of Sam's life on their blog this coming Saturday at our church- First Baptist Cleveland . It is my prayer that even if you do not know this family our church will be HIS hands and feet this Saturday morning as we come out to love on them. Isn't it great to be a part of the family of God?

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