Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Sam Passed Away .........Please Pray

Yesterday I asked you to pray for the Hulton family. First time parents Ryan and Keenon welcomed baby Sam on Christmas Eve. Baby Sam was born 4 months premature. This morning Sam passed away. Please pray for this couple as they grieve the loss of their son.

They have shared their journey here and I encourage you to leave them a comment. If you would like to drop them a card please email me ( and I will send you their mailing address. I would ask you to shower this family with prayers today and in the days ahead. I also ask you to either leave them a comment on their blog or to send them a card to let them know they are being lifted up.

It is my prayer the peace of God surrounds Ryan and Keenon and Christ holds them close. It is my prayer that the body of Christ holds them up through prayer. I also pray that the body of Christ called First Baptist Cleveland expresses in many ways the love of God not just today but in the many hard days ahead.

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