Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Present to myself!

My New Tervis Tumbler
(mine has my name on it)

This Christmas I purchased Tervis Tumblers personalized with their name for the ladies I work with at church in Childhood Ministries. I decided I needed one too! Well, I am not sure how I have never been exposed to these nifty tumblers before but oh my! I am in love. A deep love relationship has begun. I mean how in the world have I not know about these before? Especially because my mom thinks I am a gadget person (like my father). It's true if he is the gadget King well I am the queen. I think that is why I love Pampered Chef stuff so much (thanks Jackie for the awesome party last night!)

Well a friend told me - knowing I like deals and coupons- to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and take a 20% off coupon and purchase one from there too! She says they have all different kinds. Oh my this could become an addiction.

My most favorite feature is it does not sweat- thus does not leave rings. Woo Hoo! Mike laughs at how long I can make a drink last. However, the problem is sometimes it does not stay cold. Well this solves that problem. I purchased the 16 oz. tumbler but want to get one a little bigger. I also love that they are dishwasher safe!
Where have you found good deals on the Tervis Tumblers?

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