Sunday, October 12, 2008

We have arrived!

Just a quick word we did arrive in Managua tonight. Our flight went smooth and so did going through customs. We are at the Partner's In Christ Mission House. It is great to be back seeing so many we know and love here in this country.
It is HOT! Surprise, surprise! It has been raining. Neither of these are shockers to us- we are here in rainy season and it is always hot here! :)
Tomorrow morning we are going to the ICF church - this church is attended by many missionaries, it is non-denominational and is in English. It is always a blessing to worship our great God with this fellowship of believers. We hopefully will get to go to the orphange in El Canyon tomorrow afternoon. If there is a service in San Judas tomorrow night we will attend there.
I am off to get settled in- just wanted you all to know we arrived safe!
Please keep us in your prayers this week! Our team is - Mike, Jami, Laura, Elizabeth and me (Mrs. Tara)!

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