Thursday, October 2, 2008

K.I.D.'S. Club

Our K.I.D.'S. Club stands for Kids in Divine Service. It is a group of home school kids (all ages) who do service projects and take field trips for the whole family. It is a group I formed for our church and community home school families. Some of our home school kids also take Spanish and Art classes at our church. This is done by a lady in our community gifted in these areas to help home schooled children excel in these areas. For these classes children sign up through the teacher and our church simply provides the space and snacks.

Our first field trip of the year is next Thursday, October 7 at the River Maze in Benton, TN. We will visit the corn maze, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, younger children will ride the cow train and hopefully all will bring a picnic lunch. The cost is $2 per adult and $1 per child (if you go personally it costs more; our church is offsetting the cost). It is a great time of fellowship for families to be together.

You can visit the River Maze's website - for more information, directions, regular prices and see all the other things they offer. The couple who own and operate this venture are members at our church.

Each year they have operated a maze they have had a theme. This year honors the University of Tennessee's awesome women's basketball coach- Pat Summit. I will post a picture of it later today!

If you live in our area and would like to join us- please let me know. I have to turn a number in soon. We are all meeting at the Maze and directions are on their website. Deadline to sign up is Sunday!

It is also a great time to visit two other local areas- Ocoee Whitewater Center ( or Apple Valley Orchard- . I love visiting the Ocoee Center and I love eating fritters at the orchard!

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Triathamom said...

Is it Tuesday, the 7th, or Thursday, the 9th? If it is the 9th, The Varnells are in -- but if it is the 7th, we can't.