Sunday, October 5, 2008

Help Blogger Friends

I need some help figuring something out...........
How do you put a link in your blog (where it shows up with just the word underlined)?
Also those of you who post recipes- do you enter these as a separate blog entry and then just save it?

Like on Meal Planning Monday sites it will have a menu item listed that is a link........ how do you do that- where do you save the recipe?

Thanks so much- I am a little technically challenged!

Also is there a way on blogs on blog spot to save pictures anywhere other than just at the top?


Laura said...

My sweet friend, I can help!
I'll call you tomorrow and then I'll fax you the codes. If I type it in it might not work, my friend Christina did that and then she had to call call you tomorrow :) Much love and 4 more days!YAY!!!!

Christine said...

Tara, Let me know if you need any extra help after talking to Laura.
I use for my photohosting and if you need to add a link to a word, aka the underlined word in a finished entry just copy the link by right clicking the link you want. Then go into your blog entry, highlight the word you want to be your "link" word, then left click the green little icon like a lock I believe next to the font choices, etc. When the box come up, I delete what they already have in the box, http stuff, and then right click and paste my link. CLick done and then you have a link set up. It's super simple.
Christine @ Live to Learn