Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Is Coming !

Well Sunday is a LONG day. However, they are also very EXCITING days. It is a great day of seeing all you work for each week come together because God's PEOPLE come to worship. Ministry is so about people not programs, ministries or events. Sometimes I know I forget this getting caught up in all the details and wanting things to go just right. However, I am energized by people and getting to love on the families in our church. I also love meeting the families each Sunday that God brings to our church to check out our church and come to worship with God's people at our church. It is neat to see where and how God brings people in through the Childhood Ministries area each week.
On Sunday evenings we have AWANA. I love seeing all our boys and girls get excited about AWANA. Tonight was "Twinkie Night" meaning we ate TWINKIES and celebrated the fact they are 78 years old today. It is energizing to see kids memorize God's word.

Tonight we also baptized 22 people in a special baptism service. Tonight was great to see 7 children follow Christ in obedience by "being buried with Christ in baptism but raised to walk in newness of life". We also saw a husband and wife baptized (she will give birth in the next week and a half. We saw a grandmother get her baptism in order. We saw a teen who doesn't swim and is afraid of water bravely enter the baptismal waters. We saw twins baptized. We saw 2 sisters and a brother follow Christ in the step of baptism. My point is many different types of people from different walks of life all became members of our church by following Christ in baptism more importantly they took an important step of obedience in their walk with Christ. Exciting. Our God is incredible for paying the debt (that we can not pay) on the cross of Calvary for us. He offers the free gift of salvation to anyone who will receive Him. If you haven't accepted Christ, I pray you will seriously consider becoming a follower of Christ.

Back to Sunday's being long- yes they are tiring and they are long- BUT man are they worth it! I can't remember the whole saying but it has something to do with Jesus dying on Friday and the darkness that surrounded that day. We are encouraged to remember THAT SUNDAY IS COMING! That is what I try to remember when I may get down, discouraged or have a bad day during the week- SUNDAY Is Coming and that is what it is all about!


Laura said...

I love you Mrs. Tara and you always lift my spirits. Tonight was awesome I cried when James was baptised but I'll tell you I think I cried as much if not more for the New Moma to be and Daddy....Wow that is fantastic...being born into a family of believers! I think heaven was singing praises tonight!!!

The Journey Begins Here said...

Hello Mrs. Tara,

Laura sent me to you...actually I think God really does the work.

I liked you Sunday is coming. I heard that for every Good Friday there is always an Easter Sunday...kind of on the same like of thinking.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I'll be back to visit again.