Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Post Game is my Favorite

Well, today in our Monday staff meeting we were talking about THE GAME. You know the Lady Vols vs. LSU Tigers. It was a great game to watch. My nice, quiet hubby was animated as usual. You see he is passionate about UT anything but especially THE LADY VOLS. Well okay back to staff meeting - let me add that I am the only female on the ministerial staff. Well we were all talking about how tired we were- and one guy said yes, I feel asleep. Well I made the comment that I took a little nap and then woke up for the ending and the post game. I said, "Matter of fact, Post game is my favorite part." Well it was very obvious they thought that was the craziest thing they had ever heard. They laughed and said uh? Well I began to ponder on why I like the post game ......
- I love the emotions of BOTH teams- I best like watching the team who won. I do feel like the team that lost emotions tell how passionate they are about "THE GAME". BUT the winning team gets to realize that passion!
- I love seeing the coaches celebrate and love it when their family is close by. I mean don't we all know behind every good coach their is a GREAT spouse - they are a team! And even though only one "WINS" they both really do though unspoken- normally that coach hugs, celebrates, includes, etc. a family member or spouse.
- The post game interviews tell a story- normally what hurdles were overcome, triumphs are acknowledged, goals are met, I could go on but you get the picture.
- I love the Pros because they not only won a national championship but get to proclaim 'I'm going to DISNEY WORLD (which is my ultimate favorite part).

I could go on but for a million reasons The Post game is my favorite part...... there is also a spiritual application to this but more on this later.
I also can't wait (another time when I am not so sleepy) to write on some thoughts on what our passion really is!

Hope you had a great Monday! I am still reeling from the excitement of last night but can I tell you spiritual warfare is all around- I feel that is because Satan didn't like what happened on Sunday! I remind you Jesus has ALREADY won the VICTORY! Stand a victor not a victim!
God Bless and I pray you have a great Tuesday!

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Laura said...

AMEN, sister. Love ya!!!