Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Busy Weekend.........

Have you ever wondered where your weekend went? Well, for me that can be because I either a. got nothing accomplished and realized I did nothing but read, watched movies, played games, etc. OR
b. had great fun doing lots of different things but didn't really accomplish all I had on my "invisible" TO DO list.

I made the comment to my husband that I didn't get anything I intended to get accomplished done this weekend. I began to wonder why........... As I recapped my weekend I realized what I accomplished this weekend can't be "checked" off a TO DO list but is vital in my life.
So you may be wondering what is so vital in my life and kept me busy??? Well I spent time with friends and family this weekend.........

Friday night I helped celebrate my sister's birthday- She is four years younger than me! She wanted to go to Olive Garden so we had some great Italian food. My mom, dad, two sisters and my husband celebrated. I also got to say Hey to my cousin who works at Olive Garden. A great dinner. On the way home my hubby and I decided to go see what all the fuss was about the movie- Henry Horton Hears a Who! It was a great movie. I will write about it another time- several great lessons or as my mom would ask- "What was the moral of that story?" (you do realize every story has one - tee hee).

Saturday I slept in and it felt great. I haven't been able to sleep in for a while (that is another story for another day). However, I went to my 2nd cousin's wedding- it was gorgeous. They are a neat couple that God really has His hand upon. The pastor told a neat story about them- My cousin was a senior in the youth group and her new hubby was a youth teacher (he is about 4 years older- maybe a few more but not much). Anyway, he went to the pastor and shared he wanted to ask her out- the pastor told him no because he felt that would be inappropriate with her still being in the youth group. The pastor shared what maturity he saw in him as he did as the pastor asked and waited. Well now about 2 1/2 years later the pastor stood with them as they became husband and wife. WOW! Not many men would even ask the pastor for that matter. They are a godly couple and it will be exciting to see what all God does in their lives. Their reception was really beautiful too- the food was yummy. Matter of fact I had a dip with cream cheese, pineapples, pecans, etc. in it--- I got to find that recipe. I really liked it!

I ran some errands and then headed for dinner. Some family friends had asked for whoever could from our two families to get together for dinner. We had a great time catching up (we missed our annual Christmas get together this year). We ate, laughed, talked about the old times, and talked about all that was going on now. It was great fun.

It is great to be with family and friends. I encourage you to remember the importance of these relationships in your life and put away the TO DO list and enjoy life. Yes, the laundry is still piled up, the dishwasher still needs to be emptied, the stack of papers are still beside my bed, the toilets didn't get cleaned and the garage is still a mess BUT I decided at the end of this life- no one is going to concentrate on how much I don't like to clean house but more on the PEOPLE in my life and how I lived life with them! SO have fun - remember it is about PEOPLE. After all I did get the number of a housekeeper to hire this week........... I know that would be splurging but I believe I would feel less guilty about being "busy" on the weekends, it would make my husband happier and it would ALLOW me to surround myself with people at my HOUSE because it would be clean. (ok cleaner)


Laura said...

Mrs. Tara you are to funny...HOUSE CLEANER! Wish I could afford one. Sounds like you had a great weekend... because all work and NO play makes Mrs. Tara deserve a break..THANKS for all you do your awesome!!! Love you

Mrs. Tara said...

Well a house cleaner to come every two weeks - and no I really can't afford one BUT I can't NOT afford one anymore either. Plus it will make hubby so much happier. I sometimes wonder how 2 people can make such a mess. See you are so organized with your 11 people you don't ever have a mess- just LOTS and LOTS of laundry (I saw the pics you posted).
Missed you tonight- are we on for dinner Wednesday night barring anymore funerals.

Laura said...

Cleaning I think at times I clean to much and miss some of the good stuff, this is something I need to work on! Cleaning is a sickness...I wish I didn't have. Getting a cleaner wouldn't help I'd feel the need to clean before they came. I'm glad you are getting some and Mike are great! Oh' Amanda started a blog, I hope it helps her have an outlet...well see if it helps . Stop by and see her blog I'll call you!

Nancy said...

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