Saturday, April 5, 2008

I am a Survivor..........

of an overnighter with 22 Kindergarten - 2nd graders! Wow what an awesome night. We had a lot of fun. Our hosts Alyson and Jasmin were great. They had a fun night prepared for us- fun stuff. If you have not been to the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN I encourage you to check it out- . If you are ever looking for an overnight trip this is a good one. Everyone was sound asleep by 12:45 which is pretty good since bedtime was midnight. Not to much giggling - well the boys may have been awake but they were pretty quiet if they were. Actually, everyone was ready for bed and didn't have a hard time falling asleep since they were worn out from being "detectives" and from the fact they were up way past their bed time (and if I already didn't know this many of them felt the need to tell me - and boy were they excited about it).
I also purchased my first Webkin. The kids were excited about that and in the gift shop told me ALL about them. I have tried to try my new lil webkinz out (a cocker spaniel) but I can not get the website to work. Even after downloading the "flash" program. Oh well- another time.
Kids are very funny- I learned way TOO much about some of them last night and their little thought processes. One interesting observation the majority of boys stayed in the "inventors" section or the dinosaur digging. The majority of the girls time was in the performing arts and art sections. Don't get me wrong they all visited each area- just noticed where they seemed to spend the majority of the time (although not true for every child). They all loved "moneyville" upstairs. It was a lot of fun- they got to print out money with their picture on it, play "bank", learn about counterfeit money, make money rubbings, play a pretend stock market (which all the adult chaperones loved more than the kids, even me)! They like the market, the lemonade stand- well just the WHOLE upstairs.
I SURVIVED and now need to find my bed!

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Laura said...

Mrs. Tara you can leave me on this blog. I loved reading this it was great. Wish we could have made it to the CDM, it's always so much fun. As you see I'm getting in my blog therapy!heehee I love ya sister!