Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Encouraging those who serve around the world!

I know many people serve in many capacities around the world. For this post I am talking about those who serve specifically to advance the cause of Christ- better known as missionaries. In about 20 days I will be leaving with a team of 10 from my church to serve at their conference. This conference happens every two years. I was able to serve the last conference when they were in Istanbul, Turkey. This time it is Croatia. As I have stated here before- our team will be providing care for those birth -11 years old. We will be doing nursery care, Vacation Bible School, Kid's Church, and other "special" events with these awesome children. I have a request for you-

Would you consider writing a note to a missionary family so you can encourage them and let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to advance the cause of Christ in a culture that was once foreign to them. If so, please leave me a comment and I will let you know how you can do that! Last time this was such an awesome thing to give to each missionary family!

You can also help by donating (new) items for the missionary children's goodie bags. We are asking you remember this has to be transported- so take that in consideration...........
Nursery (two and under)- 10 children approx. (5 girls / 5 boys)
Preschool (threes- fives) - 10 children approx. (5 girls/ 5 boys)
Elementary (Kindergarten - 5th grade) - 25 children approx. (12 girls / 13 boys )

Things to consider are candy, small toys, small books or activity/coloring type books, etc. Please remember if giving to a certain age make sure they are age appropriate. One example is currently The Dollar Tree has small Cars Frisbees- they come in a package of 3. It would take 15 packs to have enough for every bag- that is $15 in all! Maybe you could purchase a couple of those and WOW we are on our way! By the way- I purchased one - so we only need 14!

Other things I noticed on a recent dollar store trip-
1. Super Fly Rings - these had Winnie the Pooh on them - great for the nursery or preschool!
2. Go Diego Go Paddle Ball toys great for the elementary group
3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fingerboards (little skate boards) great for elementary
4. Playing cards - 2 decks in a pack and I have one (so 11 more packs needed) for elementary

I also know the kids love candy like fireballs, jolly ranchers, Starburst, MNM'S, skittles that are harder to get in some of the places they live.
Also if anyone has any contact with how we could get some small type toys they put in fast food meals but that are new- please let me know- I would love to put one of those in there as well.

I have also put the gender break down in case you would like to do something gender specific- hair bows, little lotions, etc. (yes, I realize I could only think of girly things).

Please, please think about how you can play a part in blessing and encouraging those that answers God's call to move to a foreign land, away from family and familiar things of life (and often time conveniences of America) so that many more may be told of the incredible love and plan Jesus has for each one of us- regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, financial standing, etc.

I know many may not be able to contribute in a financial way due to our present economy BUT we all can write a card or note- can't we? It was precious to have all the children from AWANA to bring notes or pictures they had drawn to take with us! Yes, this is one small opportunity to have your children be on mission for Jesus!

Okay I will step down off my soap box! Thank you in advance for all who respond by praying, writing, bringing, going and sharing!


Anonymous said...

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Jenn M said...

Let me know how to get some notes to you and maybe some toys and stuff. I would love to help!