Monday, March 23, 2009


Our mom's group for April is going to be on the topic of Mom - The Family Manager. The lady I really wanted teach this is not available so we are going to do this round table. This is one of the mom's favorite sessions- sharing and learning from each other. I am trying to decide what topics under Mom- The Family Manager we should use as our topics. What do you think should be some of our talking points????

My other question is - What is one tip, practice or product that has helped you be a better Family Manager?

For example, the latest thing I have put into practice that has helped me be a better Family Manager is ...........

putting an accordion file folder in my car with all my restaurant coupons. I learned this from my friend Gloria over at Fun and Frugal !

I am trying to compile these tips to share at our mom's group in April. I would really appreciate your input! (Especially for all of you who are organized) Remember- as in my case- you are a Family Manager even if you do not have children........ because you, you and your hubby, etc. are a family! So come one, come all and Share, Share, Share!!!

Have a great day!


Christine said...

I have found binders to be the "external hard-drive" for my brain. :)
I have two kitchen binders, one with the monthly menus, receipts, coupons and notes and the other one has all the recipes I print off online or pull out of magazines. I use clear slip in pages for the recipes so they stay clean. I also have a binder for ALL the medical info for the kids. So when I go to the doctor I just bring the binder and at a glance I can find a SS #, the last time they were sick or how much they weigh, etc. Then I have a binder for schedules and phone numbers. Anything we are involved in, nursery duty at church, kids sports and all the phone numbers and addresses we might need are in there. The last binder that I love is our financial binder that has our monthly bill calendar, all the bills, goal lists, online access info, and more. I posted about this on the blog awhile back with more details. These have truly helped me streamline information and helped me keep up with life. :) Hope that helps.

Niki Ary said...

I have begun writing out my grocery list with a budget amount for each item-- this controls the spending at the grocery store and I usually end up saving $25 or $30 because I am focused on only getting what is needed and making certain that I don't go over my price range.....

Here's an example:

Meat $20
Vegetables $15
Fruit $8

Then I write down the cost of items as i pick them up and it saves me a ton! I hope this helps. It sounds like you are doing a great job ministering to the ladies of your church. Know that I am praying for you.