Sunday, March 29, 2009


I guess you have figured out I am the Minister of Childhood Education at my church. I love my church and serving alongside of some awesome parents, volunteers and children. Something that has been on my heart and mind lately is ........... Respect.

Let me start by saying I am so thankful for parents that feel the biggest job they have is to raise children who love Jesus more than anything. I so appreciate they train them not only to love Him but accept Him as their Savior. I feel this is the most important job they have when it comes to the children God has blessed them with.

With that being said, let me move on to what I think may be the next task a parent must train their children in............ RESPECT. Some may call me crazy but I believe this is more important than any academic lesson, ballgame, recital, play, etc. they will EVER have.

I am so thankful when I see children who display good manners. I see so many display GREAT manners but they are kids so I am pleased with good manners. It makes my heart so happy when children respond to adults even if being disciplined in a way that is showing respect. It is also encouraging to see them respond to their peers in ways that display their respect for them as well. In my home if an adult said I was out of line, disrespectful or disobedience- there was no discussion. The only talking done was me being scolded and deciding how I was going to make the situation right.

I believe it is also important to remember that showing respect also applies to how we treat the property of others- it may be a place or a thing. Our society is placing less and less value on "things". If we lose or break something (by not taking care of it, etc.) it is often just replaced.

I know for the most part teaching respect and responsibility is taking place. However, sadly not in all homes.

I urge everyone to think about what part you play in helping this generation learn all these great things.............. if you are a parent and teaching these things, keep on keeping on
if you are a parent and not teaching these things, it is never too late to begin
if you have children in your sphere of influence- do all you can to help parents with these life lessons! Just remember it is up to all of us to help make an impact on the generations to come!

I also encourage you to affirm children in your life when they do display respect, responsibility and great manners! When you do - notice the smile (or shy grin for others) appear on their sweet faces. Positive affirmation only helps reinforce these great characteristics and behaviors in their growing lives.

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DEE DEE said...

Thanks Mrs. Tara. Parenting is a hard job! Thanks for loving and caring about our children and us as parents. It's nice to know that you are always there for ua and praying for us. Love you and thank you for ALL you do!!!