Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a Surprise!!

One of my blogging friends- has awarded me my first blogging award! I was so surprised! Thank you Tami! I appreciate your kind words about my blog! Thank you, Thank you!
The rules are:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate 7 (minimum of 5) other blogs
4. Add links to them on your blog
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs
My nominations are:
1. A friend of mine from church has started this email! Gloria has done an amazing job of getting the word out about exciting things to do in and around the Cleveland, TN area. She also shares ways to save money! She does this while working a full time job both at home and outside the home! She is a great friend, wife, mom, employee and BLOGGER!
2. My friend Christine has a great blog. I always learn something from reading her blogs. She is always sharing ways to impact your family's life and it helps that I know her personally and know she lives out what she says! I love all the neat pictures she takes to illustrate the things she blogs about. I also am still trying not to covet her craft area- you need to look at her pictures! WOW!
3. My friend Jennifer can make you laugh, cry and well her blog most recently on shoppers convicted me. She speaks honestly and from the heart. It has been neat for me to read her blog and see how God continues to use her family to do great things for Him.
4. My friend Laura's blog shares about her life with her hubby and her 9 children. On top of all that she home schools them! I love keeping up with her family through her blogs. Her honesty about raising her children to love God, her transparency about raising a child with Downs Syndrome and her willingness to share honestly about running a household with 11 people in it amazing. She also does amazing things with pictures........ she is going to have to teach me. It is my privilege to call her "friend".
5. Alyssa is my friend from the blogging world that I admire. Her mission says it all
Honor God with my finances.
Encourage and equip others to do the same.
Discover new and creative ways to reduce spending in order to increase giving.
Balance this journey with marriage and motherhood

One of the reasons I really admire her is for her integrity! Read her recent post and you will realize she is serious about saving money but honoring God is number one! Way to go Alyssa!

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Gloria said...

Thanks, Tara. I'm honored you thought of me. :-) I appreciate all your emails for post ideas on fun events in the Cleveland, TN area. I think you're my only friend who actually sits down and reads newspapers. :-) I get several incoming clicks on my blog each day from visitors on your blog. You're one popular lady. Thanks for your encouragement to me.