Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is Your favorite Walt Disney World Tip?

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Yes, I am talking about the magical place of Walt Disney World.  I love it and am actually some think I am obsessed.  Often I am asked to give advice to those going for the first time.  I finally have made a document that I can email out to those wanting some advice......... or go to lunch with a friend asking.  The document is a work in progress document.  I try to think of all the things I have learned from all my visits and often those are learned from friends who share my love for this magical place.

A few of my tips are-

  • Disney allows you to take snacks inside the park.  I always take bottled water in my backpack.  
  • Everyone should ride the ferry boat to Magic Kingdom at least once - you can take gorgeous pictures.  
  • Always use the Disney Photo Pass- even if you do not purchase any of their pictures.  After they take your Photo Pass picture ask them to take a picture with your camera.  This is one way to get all of your family/party in the picture.  Plus they have the "prime" spots for photo opportunities.  
  • A great souvenir for children is to let them press pennies throughout Disney World.  They also make books for you to put the pennies inside.  This can not only be a lot of fun for your children but also cheaper than purchasing souvenirs inside each store.  
  • Your first trip in the Magic Kingdom you need to go down Main Street to have this "magical" experience.  After that first time, board the train after you enter the park and ride to the back of the park.  Begin riding rides there and work your way through the park.  Don't forget to get fast passes where you can (and look into the option to sign up for fast passes when you book your trip- I am not sure of all the "rules" of this because it is new).  
  • If you are traveling with children- especially preschoolers- go to the park early to ride.  Head back to your resort for nap time and then head back to the park late afternoon / evening.  
  • Remember most people visit the Magic Kingdom on the first day of their trip (Sunday or Monday).  So if you can avoid MK on these days.  Crowd forecasters say the best day is Wednesday (unless it is a holiday).  
  • Visit Downtown Disney if for no other reason than to see the Lego displays, the free shows and experience the excitement at this stop full of shopping, restaurants and views.  I always visit the Once Upon A Toy store to see what Potato Head pieces they have in stock.  For $19.99 you can fill a box full of Disney Character pieces (don't waste your space on a potato head, you can get those really cheap at Wal-mart or Target).  
These are just a few of my tips - what are some of your tips?  

I also get asked what are my favorite restaurants.  I am on a quest to visit as many restaurants as I can.  Here are a few of my favorite - 

I am often asked if I ride the rides and my answer is YES.  Although I don't ride many roller coasters anymore, I do enjoy all the other things.  I love, love the shows.  I love to people watch.  My favorite things to do are the fireworks and the parades.  I also love to look for Hidden Mickey's.  You can purchase a book to help you with this quest.  Sometimes I get my picture made with the characters- sometimes I don't.  I visit all the parks.  My favorite is Magic Kingdom.  My passion for this place began when my parents took my sister and I along with my grandparents, aunt and uncle to Ft. Wilderness for our first trip.  I visit several times a year and due to this I purchase an annual pass.  You should look into it if you purchase tickets for a week.

Here is my Disney Board on Pinterest!  Do you have one?  If so I would love for you to leave your link in a comment.

I have read many books on Walt Disney and books about Walt Disney World's customer service.  My dream would be to go to the Disney World Institute.  I can't imagine how fabulous that would be since I thought the behind the scenes tour (Keys to the Kingdom) was amazing.

So who wants to guess how many trips I have been to Disney World (not times through the gate but trips because I may go 5 times in one trip).  Let the guessing begin............

Much Love and Blessings!
Mrs. Tara

And yes my favorite character is the mouse himself!

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