Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stressed Out?

Deadlines, volunteer spots to fill, leader training, Fall kick off, meetings, new Family Check in procedures,  new kid's ministry schedule........just to name a few things that are occupying my time these days.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I commented to a friend tonight- All the things we are encountering God knows we can handle.  Can you imagine the things that we are never faced with because He knows it is way too much?  It reminds me that all the things on my plate right now I can handle and conquer in and through Him!

Glad I can rest in Him and place all my worries (STRESS) at His feet.  Working diligently to accomplish many tasks.  Will you take a moment and pray that our church staff would follow His steps as we are preparing for some exciting things in the life of our church?

Personally you can pray for the following for me and the Children's Ministry:

  • I will listen and follow God in leading the Children's Ministry 
  • God would continue to bring together the two teams for Kid's Church  
  • Volunteers that are needed for weekly, monthly and quarterly positions would be filled with people ready to teach children how to love Jesus with their whole heart (Discovery Zone, Kid's Church and AWANA) 
  • Pray God will help me be faithful to follow up and discipleship with children who accept Christ 
  • Pray God will help me launch a new Neighbor to Neighbor Ministry this fall 
  • Pray that on a personal level that I am diligent and faithful in my quiet time 
  • Ask God to help Mike and I to continually strengthen our marriage
  • And on one last personal note- pray for me as I try to continually work on eating dinner home more (because I've cooked) rather than eat out..... I keep telling myself  = "The crockpot is my FRIEND!"  As you pray that prayer for me (I am serious too!), I am asking if the Lord reminds of you of a quick and easy recipe or crockpot recipe to please send it my way! 
Thankful His love and mercy are new every single day! 
Thankful I know He loves me! 

Much Love! 
Mrs. Tara 

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