Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mom's Nurturing Moms adds an Evening Edition

Mom's Nurturing Moms is a group for moms at all stages on the journey of motherhood.  I started a group while serving at my last church- 11 1/2 years ago.  My heart was for the group to be a fellowship time for moms to be together while their children were being well taken care of by our childcare staff.  I wanted it to be a time of encouragement for them but not a Bible Study.  Let me explain that statement- the moms I felt led to reach out to all were doing an awesome job in that department- they were doing Bible Study through a small group with their husbands at church and / or a small group study throughout the week with other ladies.  What I realized from listening to them is they needed time with other ladies.  That group flourished as did the group at my current church.  The Lord has given me a passion for this group. 

Earlier this year I had a mom approach me asking me if I would expand this group to have a meeting in the evenings for moms who worked outside the home.  After thinking and praying about this venture- in August we will begin Moms Nurturing Moms- Evening Edition.  I am excited but also a little nervous.  This is where you come in................

Some of the topics we discuss or invite speakers in will be able to be duplicated - some will not.  So my question is ......... if you are a mom working outside the home- what are some topics you would love to learn more about? 

Some of our speakers in the past have discussed.....
marriage relationship
creative correction
meal time
homeschool, private or public school

Well you get the drift................. Looking for new ideas for the morning edition and evening edition!

Thanks in advance.!! Please leave me a comment or email me at twaldrop(at)clevelandfbc.com

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