Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family Game Night

Well tonight is one of my favorite nights of our Summer Fun- Family Game Night.  Sadly it is always the least attended night.  I LOVE this night.  A night where we bring out the board games and card games.  A night where families can come together with other families and play simple but fun games.  We ask families to bring a snack and we provide the drinks.  An all around fun night.  We will see what tonight brings. 
Here is one game I can't wait to play.
Hungry Hippo?  Ever play that as a kid?  I did.  It was my sister's game - I think she got it for Christmas one year.  I loved playing that game.  I had not played it in years until this past Spring.  At the lunch for homeschool students a family brought this game and I was able to play.  Brought back a lot of memories and I will be honest I had to remember I wasn't a kid anymore and I didn't have to get ALL the marbles. 

A newer game I love is.......................

I love to see the kids play this game.  It is a lot of fun for adults too!

One game that I love so much I UNO! I have all kinds of UNO games............. here are a few.........

(Fits in a cup holder and designed to play on the go)
Uno Cars Version

UNO Disney Version
(two of my great loves combined)



(One of my new favs- this is fun if you are a preschooler or 40- lol)

(plastic so they can get wet)

UNO Classic
(Still my all time fav)

What is your favorite game?

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