Friday, February 11, 2011

Turning back time

Sometimes in life you wish you could turn back the clock. You want to begin a day or week again. This week has been one of those weeks. It started out a great week and I was sitting in staff meeting laughing and cutting up with the FBC team. Then Bro. Jim received a call and shared with us our friend and brother in Christ, C.C. Conway, had collapsed at work and was being taken to the hospital. The mood immediately moved to a very somber one. We prayed as a team. Bro. Tom, having just moved into the Pastoral Care role (having just retired after 25 years as music minister at FBC) headed to the hospital. We continued to go through the motions of staff meeting but our hearts were heavy as we awaited Bro. Tom's call to give us an update. I literally could not focus and really can't tell you much we discussed that day. Bro. Tom called and gave us the sad news that C.C. has passed away. As we all sat there, I believe we all experienced a range of emotions- most definitely beginning with shock. Many of us had seen and spoken to C.C. the night before at church. A man who is 44 years old and doesn't have health issues is not suppose to collapse and die. We ended staff meeting and many of us headed to the hospital. As I walked away the tears began to flow. Still five days later they are flowing freely.

My heart was heavy as I began to think of his precious family- his wife Keri, his sons Brandon and Sean and then I wept even harder as I thought of his little girl- Emily. I can't even imagine the heartache, pain and extreme grief they are experiencing now.

The Conway Family

This is one of my favorite pictures- although Brandon was not there and Emily's face is blurry. I love it because it took me back to the day it was taken. Oh how excited their family is (and was) about our new church. C.C.'s smile as he looked at all the Lord had blessed us with is one I will never forget. What a special day. What a special memory. As his family gathered for a meal after the funeral service in the very room they had written that scripture on the floor (before the carpet was layed), my heart smiled. What a memory for his precious family.

I also was sent messages from parents of children who had Mr. C.C. and Mrs. Keri as their mission teachers or Cubbie teachers. They shared how sad their kids were. They also shared of the great impact this couple has had on their child's spiritual development due to their faithfulness in serving.
My heart has also been heavy for C.C.'s mom and her husband- Mary and Maylon. His siblings- Joe, Julie and George. Each member of their family are walking through hard and sad days. Please continue to lift each of them up in prayer. As time moves forward, we often forget. Please don't.
I named this post "Turning back time" because at first I wanted to do just that - go back to early Monday morning. I wanted God to change the events of that morning. My pastors- Bro. Jim and Bro. Allan- shared that even though C.C. would never want to leave his family, friends or his church...... that he is with Jesus. I was gently reminded that the moment C.C. left this world, he saw Jesus face to face. Wow! What a day of celebration it was for him. I am so thankful for pastors who shared it is okay to be sad and grieve and we should do that as long as we need to do so. I know that grief is a process and am thankful for a family of faith who I know will continue to join together to love on and minister to this family for the "long haul."
Will you join me as a part of the family of faith who loves on the Conway's? Will you pray and as the Lord prompts you with specific ways to minister to the Conway family- will you do so? If you would like their address you can email me !
I am thankful for a family of faith but most importantly the hope we have in Jesus of eternal life.
My heart continues to be sad but I am thankful I will see my friend C.C. again one day!

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