Friday, November 5, 2010

When a child moves.............

This past Sunday I said "See you later" to a friend I've had the privilege of knowing for the past six years. It has been a so neat to watch your grow up. I have seen her grow and learn both physically and spiritually. I've had fun times and sad times with her. As she came to give me a bye hug ...... I couldn't help but cry. I love that kid. I am going to miss that kid.

I realized I don't need to take one opportunity for granted. I want to hug and take in every moment I have the privilege to spend with my "little" friends. We just never know when God is going to change things in their lives when they may move. I am thankful I have been able to see this little friend trust Jesus as her Lord and Savior - I get to spend eternity with her too.

Kenli I love you and I pray you get adjusted to a new home, school and church really soon!
I can't wait to see you when you visit! We'll go to lunch at your favorite place - THE SPOT!

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Rach said...

I am missing her dreadfully already also! She sent me a card in the mail from her new home in Virgina Beach.