Saturday, November 6, 2010

My heart is breaking..............

My heart is breaking ............................For several families I know who are walking down the hard road of separation and some even the road of divorce.

Marriage struggles are something every married couple face from time to time. Some continue to struggle because they never resolve the issue. So it keeps occurring. Struggles and issues do not just go away. Yes, you can ignore them and for a season things may seem better. However, more often that not that season ends and the struggle or issue resurfaces. It will continue to rear it's ugly head until the couple deals with it. Yes, it is often painful and not pleasant. BUT if we work through it and find a resolution it helps over the "long haul".

Marriage is something you have to work on- it is not easy. Yes we all think it is all wedded bliss as we walk down the aisle..... and it is lots of fun and happy times. But things change over time...... children come along, money gets tighter, your routine becomes a rut, your schedules get hectic, romance can become a thing of the past and the list goes on. But if you work to see the positive ............children are a blessing, the Lord provides, routines well they are routine, your schedule helps make memories, romance just takes a spark and the other stuff all has an upside too. The two most important things are to keep God at the center and keep your SELF last.

I have cried many tears over, for and sometimes with the families struggling right now. Oh Satan will you LEAVE families alone.............. Lord will you help us all put aside the things that so easily entangle us? Will you keep us so in love with you that our love for our spouse says strong and pure and true? Will you help the pitfalls that want to destroy our marriages away from our path? Will you help us daily say no to self and yes to you and your truth? Will you help us have eyes only for our beloved spouse? Will you help us focus on the strengths in them and not see the weaknesses?

We need you Lord. Our marriages need you. Our families need you. Bring about reconciliation in those who think there is no hope, who have given up and even moved on. Do what only you can do and restore their love for you, each other and their marriage.

Thank you Lord for the incredible gift you gave me in my spouse. Other than my salvation it is the best gift you ever gave me- thank you. His wisdom, patience and constant putting me first overwhelm me. His sense of humor keeps me laughing. His desire for missions, travel, pictures and being together make life interesting. He is my partner in ministry. His love for you makes me love him even more. Thank you he really meant in sickness and health, for richer for poorer, till death do us part! I love you Mike!

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Rach said...

AGREED! You could not have said that better at a more right time! A family that I know were just getting a divorce and felt that it was wrong .. and now they are back together; That was my positive for today.