Friday, October 29, 2010

A Grandmother's Love

I loved to watch this grandmother with her three grandgirls. She was a special lady. My fondest memories are of her smile as she talked about her granddaughters or something she had created just for them. She was so very creative and could sew and knit. Well I think she could make just about anything she set her mind to do. They love sporting whatever she has made them too! They just beam when they tell you she made it!

More than anything I loved that they knew she loved Jesus. She just had the awesome opportunity a few days ago to watch her oldest granddaughter follow Jesus in baptism. Only God would know that five days later she would enter into eternity.

Lydia also had a deep love for her children. I was able to observe the mother / daughter relationship the closest. They often attended cooking classes at our church together. They were together a lot. I know her son and daughter are going to miss her more than words could every express.

I loved Lydia's sense of humor and again her contagious smile. She was also a lady who kept going. At times I know she didn't feel well or it wasn't always easy to be out and about- it didn't stop her. I will miss her being on the back row of Cooking Classes. I will miss hearing what she did and didn't like or rather what her daughter didn't like or try! :) Oh how, I'll miss seeing her with her little granddaughters around her. I am also praying for their little hearts- what an incredible sadness this brings.

My heart is so very sad ....especially for her family. How very thankful I am of an everlasting home in eternity Christ promises for all who will:

Admit they are a sinner

Believe that Jesus is God's son

Commit our life to Him.

I love you Lydia and I am glad I get to celebrate in Heaven with you!

Please pray for my sweet friends as they walk through some very difficult days ahead. First Baptist friends............. let's be the hands and feet of Christ to this precious family.

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Rach said...

Oh wow ! God picked the right time for this little girl to be reborn!