Friday, November 21, 2008

We're Here!

Well we have arrived in Williamsburg! We actually arrived very late last night - okay it was already this morning! So we slept in! We made it to the hotel restaurant for our free breakfast (found the deal on the Internet where breakfast was included)! We are staying at Four Points by Sheraton on the edge of the historic district. It is a nice place- with an indoor pool (I really like to go swimming). My hubby who is not really a swimming person even brought his swim suit! (of course I asked him too!).
We are headed out to explore before our conference begins tonight. I will try to post some pictures later.
To all my Mom's group friends- I am working on sending you a list of links to some of the frugal sites we talked about yesterday. I have heard from several of you that the round table discussions is your favorite meeting we do- let me know if it is because I am already planning for next July - December (January - May is done and gone to be printed).
Have a great day! Remember couponing and being frugal is not only wise but is fun......... so rev up your frugal engine and let the race begin! I really think it should become a sport, tee hee!

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Laura said...

HeeHee...your funny! I think being frugal and finding goood deals "IS" a sport, it's hard work at times.

SO very happy ya'll got there safe and sound, hope you have a WONDERFUL trip:)